Taking a Bite Out of E-Commerce Website Development

Tracy, the owner of Cookie Take a Bite, came to us with the goal of revamping her e-commerce website to modernize the experience, make editing easier, and overall improve the customer experience for her loyal and new customers. Tracy’s website from an e-commerce standpoint had some unique challenges when integrating with WooCommerce, and it was just the type of challenge that we love here at West County.

The first challenge was to create a system of products that would be the one-data-source for all other products. Because her cookies are packages in a number of different ways and displayed in many different sections of the website, our first goal was to create a way to manage all the content of those individual cookies, while integrating the pricing and availability across all of her products.

Additionally, Tracy sells a number of different types of products that are shipped, locally delivered, and picked up from her business. Our system needed to handle this easily from a management perspective, as well as ensure that the customer understands which products are available to them. By using location targeting, different shipping methods are available to different customers, giving them the best and cheapest options in their areas.

Finally, as always, our goal is to give our clients a future-proof solution. By using WooCommerce, Storefront, and Gutenberg, we developed a site that was WordPress 5 ready 6 months before release. We had already been working on custom blocks and specific layouts that would take advantage of the unique features in Gutenberg. Now with WordPress 5 released, our hard work has paid off as the upgrade was simple and seamless, with 0 downtime for her customers.

screenshot of COOKIE...take a bite! website both on desktop and mobile platforms