NeoVision Eye Center is one of the most critically acclaimed eye surgery centers in the Bay Area. For over 20 years, NeoVision has helped thousands of Bay Area residents see better and improve their quality of life.

NeoVision came to us with a strong desire to increase brand awareness and visibility of their years of successful procedures online. With a sterling online reputation of over 400 online reviews, NeoVision wanted to a website to better align their brand with the quality that they give their patients.

An eye surgery center boasts a hefty catalog of services, technologies, and procedures that they offer the public. West County recognized the need to display this information in a user-friendly and conversion-minded way through NeoVision’s redesign. By focusing on intuitive design, user experience, and helpful content, we were able to create a beautiful website that guides the user through the in’s and out’s of NeoVision’s vision services.

screenshot of NeoVision Eye Center website both on desktop and mobile platforms