Web Design from West County Net = Beauty + Functionality + Versatility

We build sites that you’re proud to have to represent your business.

A website is no longer something that is developed in addition to a business.

In a very real way, a business’ website has become the face of the business. West County can help you create a powerful, professional, and, ultimately, effective online image. Make sure your website puts your best foot forward. It will most likely be your first contact point for your customer and selling yourself right out the gate is proven to increase conversion rates and the ROI of your business.

screenshot of Children's Museum of Sonoma County website both on desktop and mobile platforms

Design Your Dream Website

West County excels at creating compelling, clean, and intuitive websites. We provide high-end website design services for all types of businesses. Whether you need a website built completely from scratch or you have a website that needs a complete overhaul, we can help you to develop a powerful web presence. Potential customers are quick to judge your business by what they see of it online. To convert visitors into customers, it’s extremely important to make a definitive statement with your site. When customers see quality and professionalism, they know they can trust your products and services.

The process of designing a great website has many different aspects. Among the many things that we consider when we build a website are brand reputation and representation, simple and intuitive navigation, customer conversion and tracking, visitor engagement, and responsive design. All of these things are absolutely key to creating a website that represents your business, delivers results, and stands the test of time. We work with you to custom-develop every aspect of your website and your online business strategy.

The power and versatility of WordPress

West County specializes in developing websites using WordPress. WordPress is a powerful, flexible platform that allows us to deliver everything you need in a website while keeping the backend structure very user-friendly. Whenever you need to edit something, add something, or delete something you can log in and do so with ease. This is important, as keeping your website up to date is a great way to increase its web presence and keep your customers in the loop. WordPress can meet all of your needs, whether you’re looking to create a simple blog or build a complete eCommerce site.

Fully Gutenberg Integrated

We are always future-forward when designing and developing and using the latest creative tools at our disposal is important for designing and developing the websites of tomorrow, not just today. WordPress has released Gutenberg in 2019 and we have been developing our sites on top of this technology. This gives you unpresedented control over your content design and layouts at a much more granular level. We make sure that anything you would expect to have edited in Gutenberg can be.

We don’t use 3rd party page builders. We believe bloat is a site killer, and creating sites that are easily migrated between any WordPress hosting and installation is key for transportability. We don’t lock you into a paid page builder, we build right on top of WordPress so our designs are an extension of the platform itself.