Be found by more people online with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of teaching Google and other search engines, where and when to rank your website. By using many techniques both technical and creative, we increase a website’s rank in search engine results pages (or SERPs). The benefit is that your business is seen by more people which means more potential customers.

SEO is a fundamental and foundational service for your website. Without a solid SEO strategy and ongoing maintenance and improvements, you will only be gaining your leads through other paid marketing. By building your website for SEO you are also improving the quality for all of your other marketing services. SEO means better content, better user experience, faster sites, and easier conversions. It’s more than just ranking on Google, it’s about creating new business and retaining existing customers.

Over 200 Algorithmic Ranking Factors

Google has been tailoring their algorithms over time to show the best and most relevant results no matter what search query is performed.

The ranking factors are determined by the search engines themselves and are constantly evolving so that the searchers get the most relevant results to the questions they search. Since the landscape is ever changing, it is important to have an SEO company who knows and understands how to help Google and other search engines read your content and rank your website.

West County Net offers effective search engine optimization techniques. We fully cover both categories of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page includes all of the practices that can be done to the pages of your website directly, like keyword selection and title tags. Off-page is much more diverse and includes practices like link building, quality content creation, and social media strategy. We can help you develop a strategy that will work best for your website and, ultimately, your business.

Through the use of Technical and Content driven SEO, we develop websites that rank well and continue to grow over time. Our goal is to consistently improve your traffic, rankings, and conversions throughout your website and most important service or content offerings.

Our Search Engine Optimization Service

West County Net has been creating and implementing effective SEO strategies for local, national, and international clients for over 15 years. We have seen it all and know the strategies that are most effective in improving your sites performance on search engines. We provide a full-service SEO approach where we analyze all aspects of your website from code to content to tracking. We ensure you know how your website performs online, and make sure you are always gaining more business.

Search Engine Optimization Services & Expertise

Technical Audits

West County Net believes Technical SEO is one of the most important focuses and we emphasize this throughout our entire SEO strategy. Having a perfectly built website, accurate NAP, structured data, proper tracking, proper content structures and design, good user experience, and more is what it means to be optimized. We audit your website ongoing to always make sure that all possible aspects of your website are accurate and updated. We are always researching the latest technologies to make sure we are leading the pack in technical auditing and implementation of new techniques to rank better online.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization is more than writing a good Title tag. We take your site from top to bottom to ensure that every single piece is as optimized as possible. We use specific and time-tested techniques in our on-page optimization to make sure that we both rank well and increase click-through-rates in search results. We make sure your images are optimized, your FAQ’s are visible, you titles and descriptions are written effectively, and so much more.

Listing Management

Users find your business in a number of ways. We all know that person that uses Yelp for everything, or someone that swears Facebook pages are the best way to talk to a business. Keeping your listings accurate online can be an extreme challenge and we make sure to track and update your listings to ensure its always accurate when someone is trying to find your business.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) has ever become one of the most important listings online. Keeping it up-to-date and accurate is vastly important and we make sure that it is always optimized. Since users can edit GMB’s, keeping your data accurate can be a challenge. We make sure that your business is represented properly online and ranks high in the local pack.

Performance Improvements including Core Web Vital Optimization

Site speed is ever increasingly becoming one of the most important factors for ranking online. Having a website that loads quickly on any network or device is critical for the user experience. Google takes this into account and has ever increased its desire to make a faster and better online experience.

Google’s newest ranking factor will be their Core Web Vitals, and we are prepared. We know what it takes to make a WordPress website load quickly and pass all of the metrics. Just like most of our strategies, we were far ahead of the curve and made sure to prioritize this before Google had even mentioned it would be a ranking signal.

West County Net’s web developers are experts in site speed and when you build a website with us, you can rest easy knowing it’s going to be FAST!

Content Authoring

Google knows a lot, but it doesn’t know everything. We help you show that you are an expert in your business online. By writing blog posts and flushing out page content, we help Google and users learn more about your subject and ultimately you become the expert that the world can trust. Our team of writers are highly skilled at crafting effective content and have a myriad of industry knowledge to help you work on your business while we make sure the world sees your expert knowledge.

Custom Content Design

Once you have content written, we make sure that it is beautifully and effectively laid out into pages of your website. We use content design techniques to make sure your content is both beautiful and easy to read. By adding proper heading structures, lists, quotes, images and more, we help make your content as digestible as possible. This not only makes search engines happy, but it makes users happy and that’s what truly matters! When users are able to and happy to read your content, they will be more inclined to read more and convert into your biggest fan.

Website Content Structure Analysis

Writing content is only one piece of the puzzle. Without a proper content structure your content is both more difficult to read, but also harder to understand by search engines. We make sure that your website is setup from the ground up to have a proper content structure that is easily indexed and crawled.

Search Console Reporting

Google’s Search Console is a direct data feed from Google search to your website. It is one of the best ways to gain real insights into how Google sees your website in search results. We make sure that Search Console is properly setup and constantly monitored.

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a key way to gain insights into the traffic that comes to your website. Our data experts understand Google Analytics inside and out and make sure that your data is as accurate as possible. Using proper UTM tracking, Event tracking, and custom reporting, we show you what we know about your website and the traffic that visits it every day. We make sure you know which channels produce leads and allows you to see where your return on investment is performing the best.

Ranking Tracking and Keyword Consulting

Keyword consulting is key to your business success online. We all know what we would search to try and find something online, but is it the best way to search or the way that most people search? This is what we can help you understand and work with you to ensure that when customers search queries that relate to your business, you are the result they click on. We provide keyword research and keyword tracking to make sure you know which keywords have larger search opportunity and to make sure you know where you rank in the SERPS.

Search rank tracking is constantly changing, and Google has made a consistent result nearly non-existent. Just because you search and see your website in a specific position, doesn’t mean it’s where all people see your website. We track to ensure a quality sampling of SERP results for an average user would produce a high ranking result for your website for that specific query. Some users will see the result higher, some lower, but we make you are always moving up the page.

Structured Data Implementation (Schema)

Structured data is a type of programming language implemented within your website to provide more details about the information of each page. It helps us directly tell Google what specific elements of the page are used for, what they mean, and why they exist.

We follow the Schema.org and Google guidelines to ensure that we are maximizing your websites content and UI structures for Google and other search engines. It provides the added benefit of additionally showing your website in Google’s Featured Snippet results, which means your website will be more likely to be found in all components of Google’s search results. Ever seen a carousel, frequently asked question, or direct answers from Google? These are featured snippets and it means YOUR site is visible to more users online and showing you as the expert that Google trusts.

And much more…

SEO is ever evolving and we are constantly keeping up with the latest trends, knowledge, and information provided by Google and other SEO experts. Don’t see a service you require in this list? Fill out the form below and we are sure to be able to help you achieve your goals.

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