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Recently, one of West County’s IT clients got in touch with us regarding a redesign of their website.

This client had begun searching for a web design/development firm and, halfway through a meeting on the subject, had what they described as an epiphany moment: “West County has a division that does this exact thing.”

It’s not often that you find a web development company that’s also an IT support company or vice versa. West County happens to be both, which is something that many of our clients happily benefit from.

So what are some of the advantages of hiring one firm for both your web dev and your IT services?

One is the Easiest Number

Well, the simplest answer is probably the best answer: it’s just easier. Instead of having to deal with two different companies for two aspects of your business that are so closely related, you get one company who fuses those two aspects naturally.

For example, your IT company is probably the one who you will rely on to configure and run your email services. However, your web development/design company will also utilize these same services to build and maintain your website.

West County puts all the people that are required to run both of these aspects of your business under one roof, streamlining the process, eliminating confusion, and cutting down on time and, ultimately, costs.

When it comes to ease—in communication, in logistics, in security, and in cost—two firms can’t beat one.


Clarity in communication is absolutely key to running any business. The more people you throw into the mix, the messier communication gets. The less you have to deal with translation, the better.

When you have two tech firms supporting your business, there’s bound to be some crossed wires and some butting of heads, among other unfortunate incidents. Project leads run into project leads, emails are routed through your office from one firm to the other, and so on.

West County has been providing IT services and web dev services to clients for years. We know how to tackle the difficult processes involved with getting the front end and back end pieces to work together seamlessly. Our teams work closely together to deliver an experience that doesn’t leave you wanting to pull your hair out.


Communication is just the tip of the iceberg. A number of logistical issues can and will arise when you have two companies working in interconnected fields, using the same resources for different goals.

One example is differing versions of a scripting language (like PHP) being used by each company. The IT side may have set up a server with an older version of the language, while the web dev company uses the higher standard. Which firm does what and when to solve this problem? The end result could be that the web devs have to work around this in some way, or waste time by trying to get the IT side to upgrade the servers.

This example is one of many problems that can arise due to a disparity between what each firm’s goals, expectations, and standards are. One company wants to do things a certain way in order to facilitate internal workflow, while in fact this way of doing things is completely counterproductive to the other company. Even if most projects are eventually worked out between the two firms, the fact remains that time and resources were wasted in simply figuring out how to do so.

Privacy & Security

The unfortunate reality of the world today—as illustrated by recent hacks and security breaches in the news—is that your information is never 100% safe on the internet (or any network for that matter).

The best way to minimize your business’ risk of being attacked is to minimize the number of outside entities that access and utilize your private information. A single firm, well-versed in the most effective practices, procedures, and tools to keep your info secure, is your best bet to staying safe. It’s definitely possible to trust two firms with your logins, passwords, credit card info, and so on, but the risk of a breach is doubled.

West County has been in the IT security industry since the 90s. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, while also employing all of the tried-and-true practices (including regular server OS patching) that keep our clients and ourselves safe and secure.

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West County
In the end, the most compelling reason to have one comprehensive web and IT firm is that it’s simple. You don’t have to deal with the frustration, stress, and hampered productivity that come with multiple firms.

With all of the aspects of your network housed under one cohesive company, you can be sure that things will just work. West County handles everything on our side internally, while you get back to doing what’s important: running your business.

Contact West County today for comprehensive IT security, web development, web design, and online marketing services!