Computer Infected with Ransomware

This past year, a particularly nasty malware infection known as TeslaCrypt has come into the spotlight.

TeslaCrypt is a variant of CryptoWall ransomware, which is designed to encrypt files on your computer and hold them for ransom until you pay up. The files remain on your computer but are unusable without the decryption software and key.

The price that the developers of the malware charge is usually at least several hundred dollars. TeslaCrypt has been spotted demanding $500. On top of the price tag, there’s no guarantee that they’ll hold up their side of the bargain if you pay up.

Don’t pay TeslaCrypt unless you have to!

If you’re infected, there are some countermeasures you should take before you consider paying. Paying the ransom should be a last-ditch effort and should only be done if there’s absolutely no way to live without your files.