Microsoft Exchange is a tool used by many companies of all sizes to manage their email, calendar, and contacts.


Microsoft Exchange is a server that allows all the members of your company to connect with one another, fostering communication and organization. Exchange offers many benefits, including email archiving, cloud capabilities, and data loss prevention, all of which help your business run smoothly and safely.

On top of that, Exchange syncs to all of your devices automatically, meaning that if you add or delete a contact on your PC, iPad, iPhone, or Droid, the change will happen on every device. Exchange can be hosted locally on one of your company’s own servers, or remotely from a server located in our offices.

Hosted Exchange Services

Generally, smaller businesses opt for the remotely hosted Exchange servers. This means that your Exchange server is hosted not in your office, but by one of our servers in our offices. It’s simply not cost-effective for small businesses below about 20 employees to purchase a server for their Exchange services. We can provide your business with all of the same capabilities of an in-house Exchange server at a far better price.

West County IT provides hosted Microsoft Exchange services for all your personal or business email needs. We can greatly expand the capabilities of Outlook on your in-house computers and create mobile and web-based connectivity to email services. Employees can manage emails, contacts, calendars, and meetings from anywhere they need to. We offer services for both locally hosted Exchange servers and remotely hosted Exchange servers.

Using our hosted Exchange services increases the reliability and security of your email system. If you’re interested in West County’s Microsoft Exchange services, contact us online or give us a call today.

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