IT Support – Maintenance & Repair Services

West County offers comprehensive IT Support services to businesses of all sizes. We can provide both offsite and onsite system maintenance services so that your business is functioning at peak efficiency at all times. Our maintenance services allow you to focus on growing your business—you’ll never have to worry about security, upgrades, or your data.

Based upon your business’ needs, goals, and limitations, our system maintenance can include many varying services. We’ll work with you to develop a contract that fits your business’ unique requirements. Some of our maintenance services include software upgrades, hardware upgrades, security services, server updates, and general hardware maintenance, like failed hard drive management.

Preventative Maintenance Services

West County is focused on preventative maintenance. We’re invested in your business, so we want any potential problems to be solved before they become serious issues. We send a specialist to your business on a regular basis to check all of your hardware and software systems to see if any issues are present or developing. With a 2-hour onsite visit, our experts can identify and begin working to solve any and all issues that could become potential threats to your business’ well being.

Our experts also work remotely to monitor your security, server health, and data backup. Through remote administration we can solve many problems and alert you to issues that require further attention.