Cloud Services Provider

West County offers cloud-based services for business software applications. An experienced cloud services provider can move your business into the future and help you operate at peak efficiency, no matter where you are.

  • West County utilizes Amazon’s EC2 Cloud servers to provide our clients with extremely fast, reliable and highly adaptable servers for all business critical software applications.
  • Accessing files, emails, or software via the cloud has never been faster. Depending on internet speeds, it can be as fast as if everything was stored on your personal computer.
  • Cloud services are always on and always synced, meaning that no matter where you go or what device you’re on, your files and emails will be there waiting for you.
  • Anywhere in the world at anytime. Your cloud server can be accessed from any country at any time of day.
  • Stop paying for hardware and for maintaining hardware.

Data Backup Solutions

With both onsite and cloud-based data backup, we make sure that your important data is safer than ever before. We can provide HIPAA and OSHA compliant offsite backup services.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

A hosted Microsoft Exchange server is great for smaller businesses who need email and calendaring functionality but want to avoid buying a full server of their own.

Over the years, the increasing capabilities of our computers and the increasing speed of the internet has made cloud computing a real possibility. Many cloud-based services have become extremely popular for businesses of all sizes. In fact, most businesses today utilize at least one type of cloud service for their day-to-day operations. Small- and medium-sized business owners especially can benefit from the cloud, as purchasing one’s own servers can be prohibitively expensive.