A Taste of Sonoma County

Over the course of her career, Michele Anna Jordan has earned the ear of thousands of readers across Sonoma County. From recipes to stories; from podcasts to day-to-day activities; from videos to events in the Wine Country, Michele weaves her love of Sonoma into everything she does. There’s no denying Michele’s commitment to our community.

West County Net partnered with Michele in order to create a new platform from which she can share everything she creates (along with her impressive catalogue of existing content). To accomplish this, we utilized WordPress’ strengths of usability, versatility, and displaying and organizing content. With powerful, easy-to-use tools at Michele’s disposal, she hopes to reach both loyal and new readers alike.

With the launch of her new website, Michele finally has a place to be herself and to be in full control of her art. She also has the tools to deliver a more engaging experience to her readers than ever before. Readers and listeners from many different platforms now have a single resource to enjoy everything Michele has to offer.

screenshot of Michele Anna Jordan website both on desktop and mobile platforms