WCN Partners with Matrix Parent Network on a New Website

There was no doubt that a partnership between Matrix Parent Network + Resource Center and West County Net was going to be amazing. Not only did West County identify ways to modernize the appearance of matrixparenting.com, other improvements have been implemented that make the website easier for Matrix families to use.

Take a look at some of the changes made to www.matrixparents.org:

Website Design & Development

  • Complete website redesign
  • New responsive website build
  • Migrated website to brand new hosting
  • Complete upgrade and migration to the latest Event management system, future proofing for future updates

Resource Organization

  • Complete restructure of content for the entire site to allow for better organization and management for Matrix, and a better user experience when finding content
  • Improved search for resources, blogs, and events
  • Revamped resource center that properly categorizes all of the articles, pdfs, links, and more
  • Restructuring staff directory
  • New form system for better tracking and delivery

The newly designed website will help Matrix Parenting connect parents with advisors and other Supporting Parents, host support groups, trainings & workshops, and receive extensive resources to help them become their child’s best advocate.

West County Net works with local non-profits to ensure their organizations have the tools to thrive. Please take some time to peruse the new & improved www.matrixparents.org and let us know what feature is your new favorite!

screenshot of Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center website both on desktop and mobile platforms