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Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of changing the position at which a website shows up on a search engine. Through a variety of methods and practices, West County Net can increase a website’s rank on certain search engine results pages (or SERPs). The result is that your business is seen by more people and more potential customers visit your site.

In all, there are over 200 different factors that determine exactly where your website ranks on a SERP.

These factors are determined by the search engines themselves and are constantly evolving so that the search engine users get the most relevant results to the terms they search. To stay on top of the search engine results pages, the newest, most effective techniques in SEO must be utilized. West County is constantly adapting to the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization.

West County offers the most effective SEO techniques being used today. We fully cover both categories of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page includes all of the practices that can be done to the pages of your website directly, like keyword selection and title tags. Off-page is much more diverse and includes practices like link building, quality content creation, and social media strategy. We can help you develop a strategy that will work best for your website and, ultimately, your business.


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