One Voice, Heard Nationwide

With an individual website for each of its 300+ locations, All American Hearing represents one of West County’s largest projects. The challenges of powerfully and effectively representing all of AAH’s nationwide locations online were many.

Where other companies may just opt solely for a bare-bones directory search, we knew that that wasn’t an effective way of representing AAH’s nation-spanning locations. West County came up with a more powerful yet still cost-effective strategy: create a template for WordPress that can be used to generate beautiful, modern, functional, and fully responsive websites for each location.

WordPress is extremely powerful and dynamic, and easily manages the enormous database of AAH sites. Since each location has its own name, address, and phone number, creating individualized local websites on their own domains allows for the strongest, most optimized web presence. Potential customers can search for hearing aids in their area, find an AAH local website, and book an appointment on that website.