A website may be the face of a business these days, but IT is the backbone. Without a strong IT support system, a business will find it difficult staying efficient, secure, and ready for the future. West County Net’s services cover all the bases, from setting up your IT infrastructure to staying secure to fixing technical issues as soon as they arise.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting, Support, & Security Services

Build and protect your business’ backbone

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On-Demand Services

We offer a wide range of IT services, including help desk, preventative maintenance, offsite and onsite repairs, and system admin services.


Preventative services, business resumption, anti-virus, firewalls, OS management, password consulting, network monitoring, and much more.

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Data Backup

Nobody wants to back up their files. We offer both onsite and offsite cloud-based data backup services so that you never have to worry about it.

Hardware Consulting

Comprehensive needs analysis, purchasing, maintenance, and replacement support for all your hardware, including servers.

Office Wiring

Our IT experts bring you onsite wiring services to help your business establish solid infrastructure for both its telephone and internet services.

Memory Resource Management

Lifecycle support, sizing, usage monitoring, repairs, disk failure support, and data recovery keep your business safe at all times.

Managed Services

Managed IT Services

Let us handle the technical stuff

Managed Service Provider

West County offers managed services, including hosted Exchange & SharePoint, software support, software licensing, and much more.

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Cloud Services

Cloud services keep your business well-connected and running smoothly anywhere and all the time. Data backup, hosted software, and more.

Vendor Relationship Management

We work directly with all sorts of technology vendors to keep your software and hardware updated, upgraded, and licensed.