Visualization of Google Duplex Big Data

Google Duplex is Next-Level AI: What Does it Mean for the Future of Digital Marketing?

At I/O 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated the newest and most futuristic capability of Google Assistant: the ability to make phone calls on your behalf.  An awestruck crowd watched as Pinchai played a conversation between Google Assistant and a hair salon in which the assistant successfully schedules a 10 am appointment for its client.  […]

Content marketing visualization

4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business Online in 2018

1. Content Marketing & Content Development First, know that content creation isn’t going anywhere and remains among the top priorities in digital marketing. For a business or brand, content marketing’s objective is to ultimately drive interest and leads in the product or service but the focus of the content created must be of benefit to […]

Small Business Week 2017

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Happy Small Business Week! West County Net is proud to be a small business dedicated to helping other businesses throughout Sonoma County find success online. In the spirit of Small Business Week, we wanted to offer some suggestions for improving your business’ online presence and ensuring your online house is strong. 1. Make Sure Your […]